Named the #1 fitness trend out of 100 million workouts by USA Today, Lagree is the perfect combination of strength training and Pilates. Performed on the revolutionary Megaformer, the Lagree is a high-intensity, low-impact workout, cardio, core, muscular strength, and muscular endurance workout adaptable to all fitness levels. Based on the concept of “time under tension”, the Lagree method uses continuous, constant tension to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body. Over the years, Lagree has earned its reputation as one of the fastest-growing and hottest workouts in the fitness industry!

At Lagree Red, we are using the Lagree method together with the powerful, age-defying benefits of infrared lighting and private infrared saunas to create a unique, evolutionary high-intensity and low-impact workout experience. The owner, Estella Gardinier, has been a Certified Trainer of the Lagree Method for more than 13 years. The version of Megaformer used at Lagree Red was custom-made based on Estella’s experience of the best movements performed to get the fastest, most effective results. This custom technology incorporation makes our fitness center stand apart from the rest options.

At Lagree Red, no two workouts are the same. Every low-impact workout will be a muscle-shaking, heart-pounding, strengthening, core-centric, exhilarating experience that will burn hundreds of calories and make you want to come back for more. Isn’t it something you expect before every typical workout session? Have an engaging experience with the fusion of our modern Lagree workout equipment and infrared-powered sauna!


John H.
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This is my second week at Lagree Red under the New Client Trial package, and I have already upgraded it to Sauna Unlimited. Their workout sessions are worth every single penny.
Lilly M.
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I had experienced infrared sauna earlier, but its fusion with Lagree is a level-up thing. Highly impressed with the advanced equipment.
Jacob H.
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All I wanted were toned muscles and a youthful body. Lagree Red fulfilled my wish! Thanks for creating such innovative technology.
Linda D.
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Reviewing after 6 months of regular workout at Lagree Red. Their studio is a perfect example of technology meeting fitness standards. Both the Lagree workout studio and infrared sauna chamber are well-maintained.


Our studio provides an innovative full-body low-impact workout developed and improved upon by fitness geniuses. Everyone may benefit from and find challenges in this novel and constantly developing workout techniques regardless of fitness level. Every session is an intense experience on a platform controlled by a mechanism of springs, pulleys, and harnesses that mix strength, stamina, aerobics, and flexibility. To keep your training as effective and efficient as possible without putting any stress, every move is executed as slowly and deliberately as possible.
Because it is a high-intensity and low-impact workout, recovery is crucial because this workout is made to push your muscles to their breaking point! Your body will take a certain amount of time to recuperate, depending on your nutrition and fitness training level. We advise attending three to four times per week for the best outcomes. We strongly advise taking 2 days off each week since rest and recovery are essential for our muscles. Your body will be able to regenerate as a result, and you’ll notice amazing changes and feel as powerful as ever.
We have customized 5 different plans for our clients as per their needs. You can subscribe to:-
  • Monthly Lagree 12
  • Lagree Unlimited
  • Monthly Sauna 12
  • Sauna Unlimited
  • VIP
All these plans vary on the basis of the number of monthly sessions and infrared sauna integration.
Our Megaformer Lagree workout sessions at Carlsbad can be tested for results with a 2-week unlimited package. Usually, significant results become visible in just 7-10 days. So, you will have adequate time to make a further decision during this trial period. In addition, we have drop-in single-session packages too.

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